Reacht usability testing: THANKS!!!

reacht blue

This week was “alpha week” (aka, get it out week, live user testing week) for our Reacht (@reachtapp) application.  We’ve been in testing mode with real users for a while but this week we invited a larger group to experience and comment on the idea, branding, style guide, application, messaging, functionality, user interface, user experience.  Our Product Manager, Will Fulton, (@wyfulton) did a great job putting the evolution together.

We ended up with some fantastic feedback.  I want to personally thank those that participated:


We REALLY hope everyone developed an eagerness to use the product and enjoyed a short evening of playing with software, eating some pizza and drinking a beer.

David Malaxos (@dmlxs) is on the Reacht team and participated from Florida!  :)n We love our Ricky the Robot (thanks Double Robotics!)

More thanks to the whole Reacht team who brought the product together!!!

I’ll have a longer post out soon with the technical details of what we learned and how.  I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say thanks to our community (#FBXG) team for the help.  It takes a village.

Some photo moments below…

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