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Apple missed a HUGE boat

I love my Apple Watch.  The modular watch face with complications from each of: personal calendar (Apple cal) work calendar (Fantastical) weather (Accueeather) battery level (built-in) fitness circles (built-in) is EXACTLY what I want in a watch face.  Soon, I’ll … Continue reading

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Alternatives to morning radio

I commute to northern Virginia (NoVA) a couple of times per week.  I make this longer-than-ideal commute to preserve a small-town experience for my family AND a morning waterskiing habit for myself during the summer 🙂 Few things make me … Continue reading

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Is encryption a tool for terrorists?

Keywords:  Candidate competence, Voter competence Neither Republicans or Democrats have a lock on technical ignorance.  I loved the term “staggering ignorance” in a December 2015 article on Venture Beat.  “Loved” in terms of being vivid and accurate; not in terms … Continue reading

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Duet Display

Duet Display Duet lets you use your iPad as a second monitor on your Mac or Windows computer. Subtitle:  I carry a second monitor in my bag… Every now and again you find a tool that is so useful you … Continue reading

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Innovation in authentication

BYOD and off-premise access to on-prem and/or behind-the-firewall resources is a huge problem for IT security. Google has been testing new/different/alternative ways for their customers to authenticate (i.e., identify themselves).  The addition of your phone into multi-factor authentication (MFA) is … Continue reading

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Software has eaten the car and it’s NOT good

Not sure how I missed this… On Jul 21, 2015 Wired Magazine ran a story by Andy Greenberg titled “Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It.” According to the story, hackers were able to remotely take control over only instrumentation and … Continue reading

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Apple Watch Report Card – Now that I’ve had it a while (45 days)

Since getting my Apple Watch I’ve gone from “meh” to eager anticipation of the development of the Apple Watch ecosystem.  This post captures the background of my optimism.

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