Apple missed a HUGE boat

I love my Apple Watch.  The modular watch face with complications from each of:

  • personal calendar (Apple cal)
  • work calendar (Fantastical)
  • weather (Accueeather)
  • battery level (built-in)
  • fitness circles (built-in)

is EXACTLY what I want in a watch face.  Soon, I’ll get the Watch 3 with embedded LTE and I’ll be set for a while.

HOWEVER, I love my Alexa devices MORE.  If I could only have either Alexa in my house or Apple Watch on my wrist I’d TOTALLY take Alexa.

Now I’ve added my Insteon-based, ISY-orchestrated home automation to Alexa and, now, even my wife Cheryl wonders how we could ever do without.

Apple made a BIG (BIG) blunder grabbing Smart Watch territory before Smart Home / screen-less UX territory.

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