Can I pay at Starbucks with my watch?

Yes.  I won’t bury the lede.  Here’s the short video using my Pebble watch:

I bought my Pebble watch on Kickstarter.  The Pebble watches have come a LONG way since that first Kickstarter batch.  Perhaps the most significant development was the release of the version 2 SDK which is what enabled the last crop of very cool watch applications.  The advances Pebble made in the v2 SDK are absolutely astounding.  If you’re a gadget geek you NEED to check the Pebble Developer Page.

Here are some other favorite Pebble apps (available in the Pebble app store – which , SADLY, seems only browsable from the Pebble app running on your IOS or Android device):

  • Plex remote (yes, for your Plex entertainment system)
  • Readebble (RSS reader – geeky not really that useful)
  • Camera remote for your phone/tablet (companion app required)
  • AeroTracker (running pace, distance, time – wishing MapMyRun had a Pebble screen)
  • GoPro remote
  • Sync’ed / offline Evernote shopping list (HOW COOL IS THAT!)
  • Pebble Cards (fetch a URL and display it – this has all kinds of cool possibilities)
  • and there are MANY more with additions hitting the store every day.

Disclosure:  I Kickstarted the HOTWatch as well.  Main reason?  The video of using that watch I think wearables is going to be HUGE category for innovation.

Note to HOTWatch:  You had better be watching Pebble and their ISV community.  That’s where it’s at…

HOTWatch patent drawing for watch-as-phone.

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