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Simple: The national debt DOES matter; make legislators responsible

2018 interest expense on US national debt $174,800,239,416.18 $175B in interest alone…American economic and political hubris is a dangerous thing. If the American (nay, the global economy given how inter- and co-dependent we all are) economy never falters and continues … Continue reading

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Is encryption a tool for terrorists?

Keywords:  Candidate competence, Voter competence Neither Republicans or Democrats have a lock on technical ignorance.  I loved the term “staggering ignorance” in a December 2015 article on Venture Beat.  “Loved” in terms of being vivid and accurate; not in terms … Continue reading

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Civics competency

Minimum competency.  In some cases we spend a LOT of time ensuring that people and organizations are qualified to do something.  Doctors, lawyers, even Master Gardeners have long and rigorous training regimens before we, as a society, decide they are … Continue reading

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Aim for truth not victory

Read the following quotes and you don’t have to read the rest of this blog post… “In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.” — William Penn “The clash of ideas is not weakness.Truth … Continue reading

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