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Alternatives to morning radio

I commute to northern Virginia (NoVA) a couple of times per week. ¬†I make this longer-than-ideal commute to preserve a small-town experience for my family AND a morning waterskiing habit for myself during the summer ūüôā Few things make me … Continue reading

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Google Contributor: Pay with attention or pay with money

Conor Dougherty recently wrote a blog post for the New York Times entitled, “Google Experimenting With Removing Ads for a Fee.” It comes down to this (from the blog post): The service, called Contributor by Google, has users give between … Continue reading

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Online Media Law

If you’re involved in online media and/or journalism and haven’t looked at the Poynter Institute‘s News University (at, you are missing out. ¬†This weekend I took the Online Media Law course (self-paced). ¬†I recommend it to anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Golden age of graph innovation

If you’re interested in things local and social (e.g., Zope Corporation‘s customers) you should read Chris Dixon’s excellent (and short) blog post about graphs. ¬†As Dixon points out a graph is the real “secret sauce” at Facebook. This graph lets … Continue reading

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