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Alternatives to morning radio

I commute to northern Virginia (NoVA) a couple of times per week.  I make this longer-than-ideal commute to preserve a small-town experience for my family AND a morning waterskiing habit for myself during the summer 🙂 Few things make me … Continue reading

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Google Contributor: Pay with attention or pay with money

Conor Dougherty recently wrote a blog post for the New York Times entitled, “Google Experimenting With Removing Ads for a Fee.” It comes down to this (from the blog post): The service, called Contributor by Google, has users give between … Continue reading

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Online Media Law

If you’re involved in online media and/or journalism and haven’t looked at the Poynter Institute‘s News University (at, you are missing out.  This weekend I took the Online Media Law course (self-paced).  I recommend it to anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Golden age of graph innovation

If you’re interested in things local and social (e.g., Zope Corporation‘s customers) you should read Chris Dixon’s excellent (and short) blog post about graphs.  As Dixon points out a graph is the real “secret sauce” at Facebook. This graph lets … Continue reading

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