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Apple missed a HUGE boat

I love my Apple Watch.  The modular watch face with complications from each of: personal calendar (Apple cal) work calendar (Fantastical) weather (Accueeather) battery level (built-in) fitness circles (built-in) is EXACTLY what I want in a watch face.  Soon, I’ll … Continue reading

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Simple: The national debt DOES matter; make legislators responsible

2018 interest expense on US national debt $174,800,239,416.18 $175B in interest alone…American economic and political hubris is a dangerous thing. If the American (nay, the global economy given how inter- and co-dependent we all are) economy never falters and continues … Continue reading

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Alternatives to morning radio

I commute to northern Virginia (NoVA) a couple of times per week.  I make this longer-than-ideal commute to preserve a small-town experience for my family AND a morning waterskiing habit for myself during the summer 🙂 Few things make me … Continue reading

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