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Duet Display

Duet Display Duet lets you use your iPad as a second monitor on your Mac or Windows computer. Subtitle:  I carry a second monitor in my bag… Every now and again you find a tool that is so useful you … Continue reading

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Stick to your guns; or, WHY would we EVER need THAT data?!

Note to my colleagues:  this blog post is a reminder to myself that I need to stick to my guns. 🙂 I’ve long believed there are interesting and non-obvious patterns in human behavior. Uber recently shared their discovery that Uber … Continue reading

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Innovation in authentication

BYOD and off-premise access to on-prem and/or behind-the-firewall resources is a huge problem for IT security. Google has been testing new/different/alternative ways for their customers to authenticate (i.e., identify themselves).  The addition of your phone into multi-factor authentication (MFA) is … Continue reading

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Software has eaten the car and it’s NOT good

Not sure how I missed this… On Jul 21, 2015 Wired Magazine ran a story by Andy Greenberg titled “Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It.” According to the story, hackers were able to remotely take control over only instrumentation and … Continue reading

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