Teaching/Learning Paradox

We advance in our individual lives and, as a species by learning.  If we didn’t learn we’d still be in caves.  For the most successful and happy people, learning is a pleasure.  I can’t get enough of whatever brain chemical is produced when I have an “ahhhh – NOW I get it!!” moment.

Learning is hard – teaching (well) is even harder.  This is particularly true when you have core truths that have either complex and/or experience-based reasons/drivers.

In both cases we can make good use of metaphor to close some of the knowledge gap but those metaphors are dangerous.  The teacher understands  the effective boundaries of the metaphor but the student does not.

This is because the only thing that is true is THE TRUTH; at some point the metaphor WILL break down.

Learning based purely on truth requires focused and lifelong study.

I recommend the brilliant video below:  🙂

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