Minimum Viable Software

I work at Zope/Zebrareach/ – we make software.  We’re always trying out new ideas, tinkering with previous ideas and generally looking to innovate to improve our products and help our customers.  We are also learning practitioners of the lean philosophy.

Our latest product/experiment is called logo

With we intend to help groups communicate internally.  This post isn’t about itself rather a mildly new approach we’re taking to the early release of software.  We’re calling it Minimum Viable Software (MVS – yes, you heard it here first).  The idea is to release to ourselves and our closest friends software that implements that fundamental value proposition and NOTHING else.  No metadata screens, no account maintenance, NOTHING but the core value proposition functionality.

The rationale (^Hization) is that this release is perfectly coincident with what we need to be developing anyway and gets us flight time on the essential UI/UX/problem-solution fit much sooner.

Thoughts/comments?  Here or on twitter @rspz!

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