Hard Drive Upgrade

It’s a drag to constantly watch your hard drive space and be in a constant state of housekeeping. Add to this the get-a-bigger-5400-rpm-drive-instead-of-a-smaller-7200-rpm-drive mistake I made a year ago and you have my recipe for a hard drive upgrade.

As part of my move to Leopard I wanted to take the opportunity to get a little hard drive headroom.

I found a reasonably priced and compatible model (Hitachi Travelstar™ 7K200) from macsales online store.

hitachi drive image

While the installation instructions seemed a little involved I actually have a decent set of tools. Turns out it was pretty easy. I am impressed at the assembly of the MBP. Lots of screws – all metal-on-metal.

If you’re thinking of an upgrade and have the tools and an open work area you should go for it!

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