Some bookmark sanity

Since my “clean” installation of Leopard I’ve been making a point to avoid making a mess of my “personal information space.” One area of marked progress has been my bookmarks.

A lot of my time is spent demonstrating our products. In various situations I use Safari (of course), Firefox, Opera, and Camino. I use multiple browsers in order to demonstrate application compatibility, to exercise multiple authenticated user perspectives and to take advantage of browser-specific features. My demos (and most of my routine browser use) are based on a large set of bookmarks.

Until today I tried (and mostly failed) to keep bookmarks in sync manually. Not any more!

Today I found Safari Bookmark Exporter (SBE).

Screen shot of Safari Bookmark Exporter

SBE is a free and simple utility that exports my Safari bookmarks into mutiple formats. It is smart enough to find my Firefox profile directory and render a proper bookmarks.html. I’ve been using this just for a day and I can’t imagine not having it!

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2 Responses to Some bookmark sanity

  1. Sounds cool, and likely the “right choice” for you and your environment.

    I recently discovered Google BrowserSync Plugin for Firefox:

    While it won’t solve your problem of many different browsers, it’s very nice for multiple machines, all using Firefox. Also allows you to re-open any previously opened tabs when you quit and launch again.

  2. rob says:

    Thanks for the tip to the Google BrowserSync Plugin – I’ll defnitely play with that as well.

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