Stick to your guns; or, WHY would we EVER need THAT data?!

Note to my colleagues:  this blog post is a reminder to myself that I need to stick to my guns. 🙂

Sticking to your guns

Sticking to your guns

I’ve long believed there are interesting and non-obvious patterns in human behavior.

Uber recently shared their discovery that Uber passengers are willing to pay higher surge pricing when their phone battery is low.

That “makes sense” but Uber has DATA to show the correlation!

I can only imagine this discovery was made by crossing random variables in a scatter plot and seeing the correlation.

The point?

I’ve advocated for capturing as much data as possible during a customer encounter.  Pushback from developers has always taken the form – what questions do you want to answer and we’ll collect that data.

The moral of the story is collect everything you can.  In most cases you don’t KNOW what questions you want to ask or ever that a question could be asked.

I can’t imagine anyone at Uber told the development team they wanted to analyze surge pricing tolerance versus device battery levels 🙂

Collect it all; people always surprise.

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