<CTRL><ALT><DELETE> This blog and its (new) purpose

Life brings with it a number of reboots/restarts.  I find this comes with major life changes including:

  • graduating from high school (moving out of your parents’ house)
  • graduating from college (making your own rent payment)
  • job changes
  • epiphanies

This blog’s reboot is part of the last one – an epiphany.

I recently read a post by Stephen Rose (@stephencrose) titled “Changing your mind is what Twitter is all about.”  It was an epiphany for me.

Many people blog and tweet (and otherwise share their minds) to inform their audience.  I find these kinds of materials very useful.

I’ve decided that the best use of this blog, particularly while we are working on Reacht, is to use this blog to learn.  I hope to do this by posting experiences, thoughts, ideas, and reactions (mine and others) and learn:

  • from the process of writing, AND
  • from the (hopeful) response to the posts I get here and on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook

I promise to follow-up with what I learn from those conversations.

So, with that…


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