Filing email on your Mac

Every now and again you find a little piece of software that, in hindsight,  you wonder how you lived without.  A while ago I found just such a piece of software, MsgFiler.  The developer recently released an upgrade exclusively through the Apple App Store which provoked me to purchase the upgrade and renew my appreciation for what I begun to think was a feature built-in to Apple Mail!

MsgFiler makes filing email messages as efficient as possible.

A few things make this a great match for me:

  1. First, I’m a keyboard person.  If I can avoid reaching for the mouse/trackpad, I will.  I’m much more productive that way.
  2. I get a lot of mail.  Most of it I read and file.  Some of it needs a response.
  3. Second, I have a lot of IMAP folders.  Enough that navigating the hierarchy in order to file a current Inbox-resident email can be a hassle.  I’ve tried various filing patterns and schedules – until now, all designed to time-box my filing effort. Until now…  :^)

MsgFiler is invoked with a (configurable) hotkey (I used the suggested Apple-9 combination).  You then get a dialog box for searching your folders (using an “incremental search” interface).  When the search has narrowed your list you press your down arrow to drop into the selection box.  Select the destination folder and press Enter.  Message(s) is/are filed.  Done.  You can select multiple messages and file them.  You can Copy messages (i.e., as opposed to moving them).

Highly recommended!

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