Security and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Short post today…

Hackers and the IoT

Hackers and the IoT

More of a link than a post.  This Economist story from July 18, 2015, entitled, “Their own devices” is an excellent read for the non-technical person on the security implications of everything becoming a computer.

Here is the real issue says Graham Steel, the CEO of Cryptosense (Cryptosense twitter):

Part of the problem, says Dr Steel, is that many of the firms making these newly connected widgets have little experience with the arcane world of computer security. He describes talking to a big European maker of car components last year. “These guys are mechanical engineers by training,” he says. “They were saying, ‘suddenly we have to become security developers, cryptography experts and so on, and we have no experience of how to do all that’.”

Scary right?

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