What we want in an airline lounge

Dear Airline CEO(s):

I also realize times are tough and that you have to charge for many service components a la carte; things that your customers formerly assumed were “part of the deal.”  One of the appropriate a la carte items are your airline lounges.  Frequent travelers are willing to pay extra for these traveling oases.

Sadly, though, your lounges need a LOT of improvement.  Your frequent fliers subscribe to these places for two reasons:

  • Work
  • Relax

Mostly I work.  When I work in an airline lounge I want:

  • uncongested/speedy wifi
  • quiet
  • power outlets (this is another blog post – why do airports have so few outlets?)
  • A beverage and a snack (nice but not necessary)

Below is your report card.

Uncongested/speedy wifi

Grade:  F—–

See below.  Need I say more?


Screenshot of a speakeasy.net speed test.

Ridiculously bad internet


Grade: A

Not too many people so it was pretty quiet.

Photo of airline lounge - DCA

Mostly empty – very quiet.

Note:  If your patrons EVER, EVER have to stand because there are no seats YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG….  United…

Power Outlets

Grade:  A+.  Power outlets are in abundance.  I don’t have to stand, string extension cords, or wait-my-turn to get access to one.


Grade: C

This was the midday offering during a recent trip.  Seriously?


Airport lounge snacks

Airport lounge snacks



Overall grade:  C-

Your most active/loyal travelers patronize these places.  Don’t make us feel like your scrimping.


PS – I am available to any airline CEO that reads this for some usability testing of airline lounges.

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