How can I schedule user testing?

Good news – short post.  🙂

We are about to conduct our second round of usability testing on Reacht.  We’re already feeling some pain associated with scheduling participants.

For our first usability test we invited people to “just show up between 5p and 730p.”  Mistake.  Regrettably, we ended up asking people to wait for a slot to open up.  That was unsat and we need to do better for our next testing evolution.

Our product manager Will Fulton found PowWow (

Screenshot from powwow

Scheduling usability tests in powwow

Powwow is a simple, attractive system for scheduling user testing appointments.  There are other uses for it but it is intended for user testing.  You create a project, add some times and distribute a private link.  People sign up.  Done.  Appointments don’t conflict and the inventory of available slots can’t be oversold.  I recommend this site.

Feels good to get one more process improved.

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