Best golf course in America

Photo of American Lake Veterans Golf Course clubhouse

American Lake Veterans Golf Course clubhouse

My sister (an avid and skilled golfer) sent me a link to the best golf course in America.  American Lake Veteran’s Golf Course is a golf course dedicated to our military veterans.

Their mission (from their website):

The American Lake Veterans Golf Course is dedicated to providing, teaching and promoting the benefits of golf to veterans. VA Puget Sound Health Care System has a population of in-patient and outpatient veterans that have disabilities. The American Lake Veterans Golf Course is committed to providing a therapeutic environment where accommodation is welcome and all golfers can enjoy the benefits of golf, such as exercise and relaxation in a positive and accepting social environment. With these benefits it is our vision that through golf, veterans will increase their independence and improve their attitudes toward health and Thus, their lives will be enriched.

Everything is designed to enable and simplify disabled veteran access.  By way of example, the slope of sandtraps allows motorized personal mobility carts to get in and out.

A few (amazing) highlights

  • uses no taxpayer funds.  Operating expenses are paid by annual and daily greens fees
  • all-voluntter staff
  • Greens fees for hospital in-patients: $0
  • Greens fees for all other authorized personnel: $12 (not a typo – $12)

I wish there were more of these places.

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